1. I was watching the spooky scary movie Chernobyl Dairies?
  2. Up late gossiping?
  3. A cat was howling outside?
  4. I sat up in bed and stared at my blank wall all night?
  5. I vowed not to sleep until I recalled my happiest memory?
  6. A cat was howling and scratching at my door?
  7. I slept for 12 hours but my body is in a constant battle with my mind so it refuses to acknowledge the rest it receives until my mind consents to an unconditional surrender?
  8. There is a disgusting cat litter box hidden somewhere in my room that keeps me up with its foul smell?
  9. I walked the streets of Boston until I stumbled upon a bare knuckle boxing ring, entered into a fight, secured a come-from-behind victory against against Bartholomew "the beast" Braxton, caroused with the other fighters till dawn, and then stumbled home to nurse my wounds and hangover?
  10. My roommate is a cat and would not stop howling and licking my toes?
  11. Honestly it could be anyone of these.