You're pregnant and you're making a life and it's beautiful and painful and amazing. It's easy to get swept up in it and miss out on a few important details. Here are some good things for you to think about and process before your kid comes out of you.
  1. What do I want my birth to look like?
    You may not be someone who has ever even thought about giving birth before, but you really don't want to realize this while you're in labor. Check out the Business of Being Born on Netflix to help get the wheels turning.
  2. What are your non-negotiables and what are the things you can let go if you are super stressed out?
    This was really great advice I got from some wonderful mommy friends. Do you have really specific desires when it comes to feeding your baby, diapering, etc. ? Figure out what is most important to you and what can fall off the list.
  3. Spend some time feeling some feelings
    Specifically, try to name your fears. Do you have fears about birth? Being a mom? Parenting with your partner? Try spending some time acknowledging these feelings before you give birth.
  4. Talk to your partner about expectations.
    What is parenting going to look like? How will you share this responsibility? What will caring for your family look like?
  5. Finances
    Make some guesses as to how this little one will change your bottom line.
  6. What will your family's role be?
    Do you want your mom in the room with you? Do you not want anyone at the hospital at all? Do you want help from family? Space from family?