A friend of mine presented this topic during a smoke session, and frankly I think it's brilliant. The premise is such: you get to create an ultimate personalized setlist for a concert. The first performer will play ten songs, the second will perform nine, and so on until the tenth performs one.
  1. Led Zeppelin
    How do I only pick ten songs? In my opinion they are the greatest band of all time. Jimmy Paige is a god. Every time his guitar solos scream through a speaker rooms tend to become pin drop silent in amazement. It's absolutely magical. I had the pleasure of seeing Robert Plant this past year and at 67 years old he brought the fucking house down. Imagining black dog live in their hay day is sending chills down my spine. If I was alive in the 70s I would have been the most shameless groupie ever.
  2. The Notorious BIG
    Biggie is an absolute savage. He's unaltered and graphic and violent in such an unapologetic manner. He spit the filthiest, nastiest lyrics and is the figurehead for old school battle rap hip hop. His beats were simple, his words were vicious, and his demeanor was larger than life. It would be a blessing to see him in person.
  3. Tupac
    I've always viewed Tupac in a different light than Biggie. While most group them into the same retrospect, I see Tupac as more of a political activist than a musician. His lyrics called for change in political and social issues that the country still battles with today. He was and still remains an icon.
  4. Blink 182
    Despite the fact that I have already seen them and it's a completely different genre than the rest of the list, this was my favorite band in elementary school. This was what I was allowed to play in the car with my mom because she didn't like Biggie or Eminem. Enema of State will always bring back adolescent memories of childhood innocence, you know like being responsibility free to play basketball for hours on end. Life was simpler at the age of 10.
  5. Eminem
    Slim Shady was the first rapper I loved. The first song I ever heard with Eminem was Dead Wrong by Biggie and I was enamored by his grotesque lyricism. His ability to spit words so quickly blew my mind. His rhythm is truthfully unmatched.
  6. Nas
    Illmatic is the greatest rap album of all time.
  7. Bruce Springsteen
    The boss's greatest hits was the first cd I ever owned and I don't think I can say I've lived if I haven't sung along to thunder road with Bruce.
  8. J Cole
    This may feel like an odd pick because J Cole is still in his prime. He's 30 and is finally receiving the respect he deserves. Every song feels like a look into his life. He presents himself as a relatable human being with struggles in everyday life with relationships, family, and goals. Everyone should go listen to Lost Ones, Lights Please, Runaway, Never Told, the list goes on. I think he is a icon in the making and can't wait to hear what else he brings.
  9. Big L
    Deadly Combination and 98 Freestyle *drop mic*
  10. Bob Marley
    Every night should end with Three Little Birds and a blunt to the face.