Creative Practice: Make your Bed

For about a month, I woke up every morning and made my bed in a different way. I took pictures of most of those days. It was a fun little thing to do. 😊
  1. Pretty Standard
  2. The Toga
  3. Showin' some skin
  4. Double Barrel
  5. One is the Loneliest Number
  6. Hey Macarena
  7. I'm watching You
  8. Snug as a Bug
  9. Double-decker
  10. Picasso
  11. A Little Leg
  12. Tootsie Roll
  13. Sous la Table
  14. Oddball Out
  15. Goldeneye
  16. Peekaboo
  17. Requiem
  18. Well This is Odd
  19. Another Perspective