Marbles were overrated, tbh.
  1. Empty box: The Man will try to tempt you by jangling gigantic, cartoonish plastic keys in your face but this is the Cadillac of toys, if a Cadillac could literally be anything from your imagination.
  2. Lego: One step below empty box because their use in combat is illegal according to the Geneva Conventions.
  3. Yo-yo: Almost one thousand years old, maybe, and nobody really understands how they work. Classic, magical toy.
  4. NERF Tech: No matter how old you are, NERF battles spike your adrenaline. You absolutely are not required to join the N-Strike Elite (they deny most applications anyway) in order to carry.
  5. Kenner Action Figures: They look like absolute trash because the figure molds were so primitive but are widely revered due to nostalgia.
  6. Furby: Tiny sentient beings encased in owl pellets showed the world we were advanced enough for AI but not quite mature enough to embrace them fully.