Questions I Have for Bananas Kids' Books and Songs
  1. "All around the cobbler's bench, the monkey chased the weasel..." Why are they running around a shoemaker's place? Does only the monkey think 'twas all in fun? Who is going to clean up the popped weasel?
  2. "Rockabye baby, in a treetop..." Who put the baby in a tree? Is this the song of a mentally disturbed person who got their hands on a baby and then stuck them in a tree?
  3. "Love You Forever" Could this book BE any creepier? Why does the mom crawl across the floor like a creature in a horror film? Is this the inspiration for Norman Bates? Does she die at the end? So many questions.
  4. "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" Is there another route this woman could take? Who is "she"? She must be pretty bad-ass, since she will be driving 6 white horses AND making chicken and dumplings. I wish there were more verses so I could really understand her character.
  5. "Hush Little Baby" Why are none of these gifts appropriate for a child? Not a one! Diamond ring? Choke hazard! Billy goat? Will eat all the kids' toys. Horse and cart? Tipping hazard. Where do you even buy a mockingbird?
  6. "Goodnight Moon" Is the old lady whispering 'hush' the grandma or a random person? Who chose the color palette? Where is the fireplace screen? The bowl of mush- is it dinner and did the child brush their teeth after eating it?
  7. "Madeline" I love this classic, but the attempts at rhyming are pretty bad. Did the beloved author really think that "arm" and "warm" rhyme?