This is me trying to be more open and transparent with my fans
  1. Weather in Phoenix
    I took it at 1:06am on Wednesday morning (Tuesday night, in my opinion) I don't know what I was planning on doing with this besides cry
  2. Food that favorited my tweet
    In a text to my friend, he mentioned that the random accounts that favorite his tweets are hot girls. 2 minutes later I got a mention from food.
  3. Siri'd song at work
    "Siri what song is this?" Retail playlists are so repetitive and stay the same for months. This is my new favorite.
  4. Engagement ring
    Just, ugh, amazing and unique.
  5. Zoomed in picture of my friend Zach
    He appears possessed and placing a curse on his brother, who was, getting married! Zach's reaction to this is "I think I was trying not to laugh"