1. 😁
    I get overly excited about texts I send
  2. 😬
    I get insane about texts I send
  3. 💁🏻
  4. 😏
    Because sometimes one needs to be a sarcastic bitch/asshole
  5. 😂
    I cry a lot when I laugh...
  6. 😅
    Perfect descriptor for stress. Especially in conjunction with...
  7. 🔫
    Stress kills.
  8. 💰
    Top emoji because... capitalism rules us all
  9. 🆗
    Because it's the perfect way to end a conversation that one didn't want to continue anyway, especially in conjunction with...
  10. 🆒
    No one should use this emoji for anything but in use with the one above
  11. 🚮
    Because I am.
  12. 💘💖
    Best way to show love in a friendship
  13. 🍻
    I'm 21 and prefer beer. Sue me.
  14. 👍🏻👌🏻✌🏻️
    Like the smirky face it's a great way to be sarcastic. Also to show that who ever one is talking to just said something moronic
  15. 💀
    Self portrait.
  16. 😶
    When the hand gestures fail to show how moronic someone is
  17. 😑
    When someone says they don't "get" The List App