1. Receipts from bars
    Currently they are from the bars in Downtown Phoenix
  2. My current work schedule for the week
    Sunday (9:30-4), Monday (9:30-4), Wednesday (9:30-4), Friday (9:30-3:30), Saturday (4-9:30)
  3. Next week's work schedule
    Not finalized, but probably Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  4. Shopping list for Target
    Tampons, shampoo, dry shampoo, TP, aluminum baking pan, baking soda, chapstick, donuts, mascara, lipstick
  5. Shopping list for Safeway
    Salami, roasted chicken, ice cream, guac, chips, sliced turkey, beer
  6. To-do list/ideas for next semester's Spring Break
    Seattle and Vancouver in March
  7. This list written out on a post-it note