All the things I can recite🔥
  1. The Gettysburg Address
    I had to learn and perform this for a class in high school, and I remember lying in my mom's room saying it over and over again to her. I can still do the first part.
  2. The rap in Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz
    I learned this my freshman year of college with Noor on the ride from Athens to Charleston. We sing it all the time, and I admittedly blast it in my car when I'm alone.
  3. The bones of the body
    I learned like thirty-something bones of the body in third grade, and I can still recite and point out where they are today. skull, mandible, cervical vertebrae...
  4. Gangsta Boo's rap in Love Again by Run the Jewels
    Just as fun to sing as it is dirty. I think me, Caroline, and Noor all learned this one. Noor knows the whole song she listened to it so many times.
  5. Interlude 1 on Alt-J's An Awesome Wave
    This is more embarrassing now than cool, but I listened to that record over and over again until I could recite the poem in its entirety.
  6. The presidents up to Woodrow Wilson
    Thank Animaniacs in 5th grade for this one. I used to know all if them, but up to Wilson is all I can recite exactly in order now.
  7. The books of the Old Testament
    I learned this one really young because my mom was teaching Sunday school to my brother's age group and I wanted in. I watched this cheesy video on my own time just because.
  8. The rap to Ice Ice Baby
    I can't remember why I learned this one, but I remember making a Spongebob spin off about blowing bubbles. Still can recite the original today.