Whenever I'm feeling depressed, I find focusing on these simple activities helps a lot.
  1. Watering and caring for my plants
    I especially love wiping dust off leaves.
  2. Watching TV with a cat asleep on my lap
    There's nothing cosier.
  3. Going on walks by myself or with a pal
    Outside is where you start to feel better.
  4. Sitting in a café with a book, a coffee and a pastry
    Preferably somewhere with French pastries.
  5. Buying flowers and arranging them in a vase
    I like to pretend I'm Mrs Dalloway.
  6. Reading in the park
    Fresh air, trees and a book.
  7. Making a special trip to a particular neighborhood, just to get something you can't get anywhere else
    E.g. going to Koreatown to get walnut cakes.
  8. Going to the movies by myself
    This is a recent discovery and it's the best. You can sit wherever you want and move if people are being noisy!