1. best friend's reaction to me half- seriously singing: "concrete jungle where dreams are made of!!!" on the highline yesterday
  2. my dad being very serious in a synagogue in Prague
  3. mother in her natural state in Prague
  4. drunk Slav who peed himself and gave up outside my hotel in Dubrovnik
  5. Mmmmk tbh didn't take this but I live for this couple shot of me and a peacock
  6. douchebag cousin in Central Park
  7. a very romantic photo of said cousin with his gf at a vineyard in the Hamptons
  8. this snapchat of me very very high in the subway during my first week in New York
  9. this moment where @crumb met some of my friends and was left in dazed awe (and some chill pink lighting, AMIRIGHT?)
  10. My first coffee run as a paramount intern!!!! The glamour of Hollywood!! ✨💫
  11. this
  12. My dad and his work cat
  13. The USC lambda chi alpha "education" Manuel
  14. this fantastic photo of Becca Cohen as we study for our race, class, and gender in American film midterm
  15. my boss on his birthday with the cupcake I got him 💕
  16. my chin
  17. this photo of tucker eating tator tots and looking like a model (b/c he is- hire him!!!)
  18. Tucker
  19. when I cried black tears
  20. Gooooooood photo of friends
  21. Daniel terrified of me
  22. Me n ma dawg