Inspired by @emjuko
  1. contracted scabies
  2. ate the lining of a cow's stomach
  3. looked at reddit for 2 hours
  4. pretended I enjoy trap music
  5. pretended I enjoy Coachella
  6. fallen down 3 ski slopes in front of boy and his friends
  7. explained the entire plot of the sound of music in detail
  8. debated the literary merits of "I hope they serve beer in hell"
  9. watched and analyzed Boogie Nights (for his essay)
  10. stopped eating for 3 days (anxiety!)
  11. went on a weekend ski trip with someone I met two days before
  12. didn't sleep for two nights in a row
  13. ate WAY too many dumplings
  14. lost a diamond earring
  15. contracted a painful throat virus
  16. cried in a cvs at 5 am on the lower east side