1. I need boy help
    what do you WANT FROM ME?
  2. People are being absurd on social media and I need to share
  3. I found a restaurant/bar I like on safari and I want to remember it and then it will be forever lost somewhere in my camera roll
  4. When I have an Instagram I wanna upload but I'm just not 100 p on it yet
  5. Directions in cities without cellular data
  6. Cool things I see and will do nothing with
  7. When my sister @S me on tumblr
  8. Amazing articles 💖
  9. Snapchats I love
  10. When this happens
  11. Amazing texts I receive
  12. More amazing texts
  13. When guys I have made out with email the entire class (of 300)
  14. Invites from mom
  15. Nice poetry
  16. This scary except from an article titled: how to find your husband in college
  17. Books I want to read but most likely will not
  18. nice quotes
  19. nice dogs
  20. nice face