A list of damn lists I am currently working on
  1. List of to do's
  2. List of more things to do
  3. List of random things I think about
  4. Birthday list: everyone else's date of birth since I can only seem to remember mine and my daughter's. I was at both. I was at no one else's. I also remember my son's even though I wasn't there. It's one day and five years after my daughters. Convenient
  5. List of recipes I want to try but will never actually make
  6. Grocery list
  7. List of people I like. Short list
  8. List of people I love. A little longer than the like list
  9. List of people I want to meet and then decide if I want to get to know. Top 20 or just top 7
  10. List of people I tolerate because I'm related to them
  11. List of people I don't want to tolerate
  12. List of new shoes I need
  13. List of self help/improvement/performance enhancing/biohacking things I will read about and research yet never actually implement
  14. List of excuses
  15. List of stupid shit I've told my kids
  16. Christmas list: gifts for people I like and for some of the people I'm related to
  17. List of why I was up at 4am today making lists
  18. List of stupid things people are judgmental about
  19. List of experiences I would like to have
  20. List of dirty laundry. Literal
  21. List of favorite people I follow in the media that I don't care to meet and fairly certain I don't want to get to know
  22. List of dirty laundry. Figurative
  23. List of places I would like to see before I go blind or die