Animated Women That Rock

Not a rank
  1. Princess Mononoke
    Just look at the cover
  2. The Jems
    A different kind of Hero
  3. Misty
    Misty backed up all her smack talk
  4. The Sailor Scouts
    My world back in kindergarten
  5. Lilo
    Can someone give us a cartoon of a grown up Lilo please
  6. Sophie
    She doesn't need powers to lay down the law
  7. Lisa
    Lisa for president
  8. Velma
    The brains behind the whole operation
  9. The Rugrats
    The coolest and baddest babies ever !
  10. Joy Sadness and Disgust
    smart sassy and real
  11. Babs
    Insane in the best way possibe
  12. The Powerpuff Girls
    Bad Bitches
  13. Missing so many please include your favorites