Boone is big on natural remedies, many of which I had not heard of before moving here. I have very little experience with these, but find natural remedies interesting.
  1. Essential oils
    This is pretty trendy I'm realizing. Most have at least heard of these off the mountain. I like them for the smell, but can't say I've gotten anything out of topical application or ingestion.
  2. Probiotics
    Apparently probiotics are good for your gut health, which affects the rest of your body. I was told to take these in pill form on my last trip out of the country. I did not take them, and had some stomach issues upon my return to the motherland. I'm traveling to Ecuador at the end of January, so I may try this for real.
  3. Kombucha
    Another form of probiotics. It is fermented tea, which sounds nasty. But it can be flavored with fruit and is actually pretty tasty! You get a slight vinegar smell when you go to take a sip, but the drink takes on the flavor of the fruit and is a little bubbly. I can't say this has helped prevent or cure anything, but it hasn't hurt! Some people here get real cray and brew their own kombucha. It involves something called a SCOBY and I am not at all interested in knowing any more about that.
  4. Juicing
    The one natural remedy I'm most sold on. I actually crave raw juice when I come back from most of my trips. I eat a lot of sodium and don't get enough fruits and veggies when I travel, so juice is the only thing I want for the next few days. It helps me get back to normal, so I am pro juice!
  5. Acupuncture
    This was crazy. My chiropractor did this to treat some pain in my neck. It did not help me and I said no thank you sir this is not for me 🙅
  6. I'm interested in trying next:
    Himalayan salt lamp - supposedly purifies the air and cleanses it of allergens.