Thoughts When Rereading Hp and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  1. When Harry and Ron shun Hermione for telling Professor McGonagall about his new Firebolt
    Poor Hermione. I forgot how mean kids can be. Even Harry Potter.
  2. When Hagrid is working to save Buckbeak
    Hagrid and I are kindred souls.
  3. When Snape catches Harry after Harry sneaks into Hogsmeade
    No matter what anyone says, Snape is the worst.
  4. When Hermione slaps Malfoy.
  5. When Peter Pettigrew has the cowardly gall to beg Harry to save him from Sirius and Lupin
    If I could come through this book right now, I'd tear out his throat.
  6. When Hermione reveals she's been traveling back in time to take extra classes
    This girl is everything I want to be.
  7. When Harry thought his dad rescued him from the dementors
    I am wrecked.