1. "Hello rich people? Troy's joining you, yes I'll hold"
  2. "Set phasers to love me!"
  3. "My third wish would be for a million wishes, but I'd just use them all on a million signed photos of LeVar Burton"
  4. "I wanna see if those wiener dogs are born that way, or if they start off normal and then get wiener"
  5. "Did you know that go-gurt is just yogurt"
  6. "They're making us walk around with pretzels in our butts, and I put mustard on mine like an idiot"
  7. "Can we make this quick? I have to give a banana to Annie's Boobs"
  8. "If God were edible - not that I'm Catholic - but if it was cool to eat God, he'd be a chicken finger"
  9. "I hope I get multiple personalities. I get lonely in the shower"
  10. "You should be like Calvin. His best friend was a tiger, he always went on dope adventures, and if anything stood in his way, he just peed on it."
  11. "Sometimes I think I lost something really important to me, and it turns out I already ate it"