Looooong overdue contribution to what is now probably an obsolete List trend. Seems about right.
  1. Favorite Snack, Childhood:
    Cold, uncooked tortellini straight out of the package (cheese flavor only). Runner up: String cheese tediously wrapped around pretzels.
  2. Favorite Snack, Adult
    The weirder, the funkier, the moldier the better.
  3. Favorite Snack, Road Trip Edition
    This is it. The be all and end all. Trust me.
  4. Favorite Show to Hate-Watch
    House Hunters, of course. Any edition. I also really enjoy hate-watching The Pioneer Woman's cooking show, but I feel kind of bad about it.
  5. Favorite YouTube Video Whose Transcript Is Part of My Everyday Vocabulary
    Kyle Mooney, "Sporty" ( All the athletic sports / That we love / But our teams always blow it
  6. Favorite Fictional Character, Comedy or Musical Short
  7. Favorite TV Finale
    Breaking Bad was kind of perfect, but Six Feet Under was the OG.
  8. Favorite Book Ending
    An expected choice, perhaps, but 🤷🏼‍♀️it's the best.
  9. Favorite Throwback Hobby
    Mystery jigsaw puzzles, especially the Murder, She Wrote ones. Why doesn't anyone make these anymore?! 😞
  10. Favorite Weird Show of 2016
    Baskets was nothing I expected and everything I never knew I wanted.
  11. Favorite Driving Companions
    Karen and Georgia of the one and only My Favorite Murder podcast. Stay sexy—don't get murdered!
  12. Favorite ASMR Subgenre
    Folding videos. Both oddly entrancing and actually kind of useful.
  13. Favorite Bulk Household Purchase
    I fucking love this stuff.
  14. Favorite martini
    Extra dry, twist or olives depends on my mood
  15. Favorite Mood Lifter
    My cat Herschel's attack face