1. His style is impeccable
    Despite the tragic (yet fantastic) fashion of the 80's, Duckie put whatever was in Vogue to shame.
  2. Lest we forget his shoessss
    Look at these things! Are they penny loafers? Are they weird ankle boots? Are they even shoes?? I don't know but they're cooler than whatever shoes you've got on now.
  3. He uses sarcasm in all the right ways
    Oh, the injustices he faced in high school.
  4. His insults make even Kanye cringe
    Blane... He's right. WHAT KIND OF NAME IS BLANE?? Just kidding, it's not a bad name but it's particularly atrocious when Blane is tryna be mister steal yo girl.
  5. His compliments are even better than his insults
    The fact that he even pays attention to her outfit is just 😍😍👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😍😍😍
  6. He pays everything off cool because he really is that cool
    I mean, why should girls get candy machines in their bathrooms and not boys?? Freaking madness.
  7. He's a hopeless romantic
    Gahhhhhh Andie listen to the boy!!
  8. Hopeless romantic pt. 2
    He's very subtle about it.
  9. His taste in music couldn't be better
    I don't know who caught this kid how to serenade me but kudos to them because it's working. Does it even get any better than Otis Redding?
  10. His dancing skillz
    Paired with his taste in music this boy is just golden.