Inspired by @finesse but also basically everyone else on this app.
  1. The name's Candelynne.
    Or Candy. Or Candel. Or Candyland. Or Candycane. Or Candlestick. Or whatever other absurd variation of my weird name you come up with (you won't have come up with it - I've heard them all).
  2. I love cats more than people.
    I have two cats (George and Mosey). George is a girl (my sister named her when she was 2). They're the shit.
  3. I teach Sex Ed to my peers with Planned Parenthood.
    Because Comprehensive Sex Ed in the U.S. is a joke, so I decided to just do it myself. You're welcome.
  4. I'm Feeling the Bern (duh).
    Even though I can't vote yet, but I'm forcing my family to vote for him so maybe that makes up for it? I also attended both of his rallies in Utah (and it was badass).
  5. I used to live in Australia and I STILL don't have a tolerance towards spiders.
    One time a huntsman spider carcass was on my pillow when I came home from school, and I flipped shit (as any normal human being would). Apparently Australians are NOT normal human beings, because I guess that's a NORMAL thing to happen?? 0/10 would not recommend.
  6. I pretend to be an artist on occasion.
    Even though I never really go to my AP Art class, but hey, I still have an A! (Is Mr. White okay?)
  7. I have the immune system of a goldfish.
    Do goldfish even have immune systems? Because I don't.
  8. I'm a really bad vegetarian.
    Taco Bell isn't REAL meat, right?
  9. I don't have a gallbladder, but I DO have the fresh looking scars it took to take it out.. still.. over a year later.
    Did I mention I have a bad immune system?
  10. Lisey (@finesse) invited me to this app and I'm a little TOO excited about it.
    Contrary to popular belief, she DOES in fact have a nick name. I gave it to her 4 years ago. (This picture is also from an art competition we won for a school we don't even go to, but that's besides the point).