Some of the Most Common Questions I Get Asked When I Tell People I Teach Sex Ed

I teach Sex-Ed to my peers with Planned Parenthood (I'm 16). Here are some of the most common (and outrageous) responses I get.
  1. "Oh..Err.. What else do you do?"
    This question is most commonly associated with my religious friends' moms.
  2. "So like, do you get free condoms?? Can you get me some???"
    This question either comes from my classmates who want to practice safe sex (proud mom moment), or random teenage boys who like to blow them up/fill them with water. Either way, yes I can - I have a bag full of them in my locker (of course I do).
  3. "Wait so what does Planned Parenthood even do?"
    I particularly like people who ask this question.
  4. "Doesn't Planned Parenthood sell baby parts though??"
  5. "But I thought they got defunded!! How do you still work there?"
    Yeah, my state (Utah) governor totally sucks and defunded Planned Parenthood. I know, I don't get it either, but we're still funded by the federal government so it's chill.
  6. "Wait but aren't you a Bernie Supporter??"
  7. "But isn't Utah Abstinence-Only?"
    Yeah, it is, but that doesn't include charter schools, private schools, and youth groups so that's always good (because we all know I wouldn't teach abstinence-only, screw that).
  8. "I thought that Planned Parenthood just did abortions??"
    Well no, there's lots of other services (contraception, vasectomies, tubal ligations, PAP smears, family planning, counseling, education, cancer screens, STI test, pregnancy tests, I could go on...) but abortion is a service offered, and that's totally okay, safe, legal, and important.
  9. "What made you want to do that in the first place?"
    Well you see, I'm a liberal Jezebel feminist and I totally rock it. Oh, also lack of comprehensive sexual education... that too, but mostly the angsty feminist thing.
  10. "What does comprehensive sex ed even mean?"
    I get this a LOT and it's sad that comprehensive sex ed is so uncommon that people don't even know what's included. Personally, I teach consent, STI's, healthy relationships, contraception, values, sexuality (LGBTQA+), and access. There's a lot that goes into sex, and we teach it all!