1. Seeing a pedestrian do yoga as she waited for the light to turn green.
  2. Realizing that prime brunch time in SF is at 9:30 am....not noon or later.
  3. Overhearing things like, "you're a gentle soul, I hope our paths cross again" and "this is a tender time for you, I hope you're being really kind to yourself" said in all seriousness.
  4. Learning that super-friendly store clerks aren't trying to follow you because they think you're shoplifting. They just want to say hi.
  5. Learning that you really cannot construct a "wrong" burrito.
  6. Noting several drones hovering above any street fair/busy day at the park/ large gathering.
  7. Waiting in line and nobody freaking out about it. Maybe even kind of enjoying it.
  8. Wearing a heavy coat in July. Wearing shorts in January.
  9. Downloading at least five viable rideshare app alternatives to Uber.