That I love(d)
  1. Couples Therapy
    Cast has included Too Short, Ghostface Killa, Jenna Jameson and Jon Gosselin, all having regular group therapy breakthroughs.
  2. Kid Nation
    This crazy concept -- kids built their own, self-governed town in the desert of New Mexico -- could only last one season before child-labor laws caught up with it. Highlights included a 9-year-old slaughtering a chicken. Really captured how innocent and beautiful -- and also how awful and cruel -- children can be.
  3. Teen Mom
    I know no one else (my age) who watched this and I can't understand why. From prison stints to porn, the teen moms have been through it all.
  4. Paradise Hotel
    Bed-hopping was built into the rules of this bizarre early 2000s show, set on a tropical island with a cast that included a weird guy from my high school.
  5. 90 Day Fiancé
    From mail-order husbands looking for green cards to sweet couples with awful, racist families, this show felt like it couldn't possibly be real (but apparently it was!)