I have crazy dreams
  1. Justin Bieber
    He was on my flight. @agestclair sat in the front of the plane and I didn't want to so I went to the back and there was freakin JB. The flight consisted of me snap chatting him and making him sing for me.
  2. One Direction
    Multiple with Harry styles. Most recent....me @amyelms and @agestclair went to their concert. We were sitting in this middle covered section. Nial came in and was singing and I got to touch his arm. Then later Harry came over and I had to put my phone down to touch his arm. Then I was snapping it and my snap chat was being stupid.
  3. Usher
    I'm pretty sure I have dreamt that I kissed usher. But for sure I was at his concert.
  4. The cast of Boy Meets World
    I was in this small room with them, it was kinda like a convention thing. I got a pic with Eric. Met Cory and Topanga but didn't get a pic. I tried going back to get pics with them and ran into Cory in the mall as he was leaving. Yes we were now in a mall. Asked if I could take a quick pic and he said no. Then I realized I took a group pic with him, me, and Topanga. All was good.
  5. Taylor Swift
    I've had multiple dreams with Tay. Most recent was that she invited us to her concert cause we are like friends and she gets us "good" seats but it turns into this weird thing on water and they are actually bad seats and my mom and Chloe and Capri were there and I woke up before the concert started 😞
  6. Justin Bieber....again
    I was in the hospital or something and he was like my nurse. It was nutso. Then he had to give me a shot in my butt and I was really afraid but he did it and it didn't even hurt. He was a great nurse 😂😂
  7. Ingrid. She was on the same plane as me and I had an assigned seat but ended up being able to sit by her. We ate food too.
  8. Ian Somerhalder. He was my neighbor and we were in his house and Paul Wesley was there and I was gonna get a picture with them and everyone would think I was so cool to know them.