I also own all seasons of these
  1. OTH
    One. Tree. Hill. (9 seasons) My obsession started late in the game but caught up quickly thanks to FYE's 2 for 1 deal. I've lost count of seasons 1-4 but I know it's 5 or 6 times thru each. 5 & 6 I've seen twice. Let's be real...seasons 1-4 were clearly the best. 5-6 are still good but then Peyton & Lucas leave so 6-9 are just meh. BUT I still own every season. #ravensforlyfe #peytonandlucasforever
  2. Alias
    (5 seasons) I discovered Alias thanks to my roommate @jlmiller We marathoned the crap out of Sydney Bristow. I've seen the series 3 times. Side note...after watching for the first time, while up at sundance we met freaking Michael Vaughn. If that wasn't amazing enough, I met him a second time a few years later. #dreamcometrue
  3. Felicity
    (4 seasons) I love this show for a number of reasons but the main one being Ben freaking Covington. I've seen Felicity I think twice through. @jordyn got a like from him on Twitter once so we basically know him.
  4. Wildfire
    (4 seasons) What even is wildfire you ask? The DVD covers say it all. Seen these 2 times through. Also the farm is called Rain Tree so when I lived at Rain Tree apartments I felt just like Kris Furillo. Also Junior Davis is hot.
  5. Boy Meets World
    (7 seasons) My love for this show will never die. #feeheeheeheeneey #TOPAAANGA
  6. Full House
    (8 seasons) So many lessons learned from Danny Tanner.
  7. Friends
    (10 seasons) I grew up watching on tv with my mom. Probly didn't understand 90% of the humor going on until re watching them all. 😂
  8. American Dreams
    (3 seasons) Baby Brittany Snow, Milo Ventimiglia, Paul Wesley. I loved this show so much. Sadly they kinda cancelled it. I was devastated.