From what I can remember, I've never repeated a costume. I recently found almost all of these old costumes under my bed. I luv Halloween 🎃
  1. Ballerina. Big whoop
  2. Pocahontas, one of two Disney princesses I dressed up as. Cultural appropriation hadn't hit its peak in 1996-ish just yet
  3. A really cute duck. It was a ballet costume from my Westlake School of the Performing Arts days
  4. A cat, the usual Party City faux velvet/polyester bodysuit and real cute ears I might reuse
  5. Mulan, two out of two Disney princesses. Party City did a good job on this one, the costume is still pristine
  6. Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. I remember doing my hair all by myself. I even had a plastic basket with Toto!!
  7. Geisha without makeup/little Japanese girl in a kimono. I felt all badass wearing a real kimono gifted to me
  8. USA cheerleader because I idolized Eliza Dushku and Kirsten Dunst. Bring It On reigns supreme tho
  9. Spider witch? Some sort of witch but I never had a witches hat. I was prob tryna copy yung Marnie Piper from the first two Halloweentown movies
  10. Half angel, half devil. I remember it so well because that day I wore white leggings under the ensemble. So memorable because it was 2005-2006? And leggings were coming back into style (I can still fit it too)
  11. Egyptian goddess says the packaging. Wore my mom's old gold gladiators too. (I can still fit this one too)
  12. Bumble bee. Just a shield sort of thing I put over my head with yellow and black stripes. Oh and the wings and headband
  13. Nerd. Cause it was easy-polo, checkered Bermuda shorts, broken glasses. When high schoolers wore those 3D glasses with the lenses popped out
  14. Superhero? I wore a superman cape, one of those prizes from a county fair. It was highschool and it was easy
  15. GHIRARDELLI ICE CREAM workers as a trio. Favorite group themed costume yet, shouts to Gee for being the plug.
  16. Schoolgirl - lazy costume because I just put on my old K-8 uniform. Good St. Anne pray for me
  17. Chef Hsu, legit cook's jacket and everything
  18. Antoine Dodson, hide ya kids hide ya wife
  19. Mime. It was interesting walking around campus with half my face painted white
  20. Rosie the Riveter but half dead. Idk I wanted to play with makeup
  21. Lion: just a tutu and headband 'cause I went to a rave lol (college)
  22. Black swan. Dressed up and did my makeup just to go trick or treating for an hour in La Jolla. Because I still look like I'm 12 and it was a study break
  23. BMO from adventure time. My take on BMO at least, this cute ass all over print dress
  24. DIY ninja for a haus party, pretty easy for another last minute thing