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  1. Al Green on the radio to end my drive home
  2. Scoring 8 points at bball tonight
    I rarely score more than 2
  3. Puppy snuggle
    This is a daily happy moment
Let's spin the wheel and see what comes up!
  1. Etta's in Seattle - the only reason I took this was to send to me cousin Etta.
  2. Juno waiting to go to the park. This is a common stance for her but a bad photo from my phone.
  3. Ugh. These photos make me look like a bad photographer. Photo of the top deck of the houseboat I was on this summer.
2 more...
  1. Forrest Gump
  2. The Green Mile
  3. Anchorman
2 more...
Juno loves to pout, but not all pouts are the same. Here is my list of Juno's Top 3 pouts.
  1. The Angry Pout
  2. The Thoughtful Pout
  3. The "Don't Forget Me" Pout