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  1. The honing steel in your shitty knife set doesn't sharpen it and you're doing it wrong
    Also, the sound gives me the shivers. It's like horror music actually playing WHILE you watch someone do something incorrectly.
  2. You only need 2 knives: a chef's knife and paring knife.
    Bonus knives: bread knife and carving knife
  3. To safely wash a big knife, hold it in your dominant hand blade flat against the corner of the sink for stability, then scrub it with your free hand.
    Alton Brown taught me this
  4. Don't use a glass cutting board. Don't cut directly on your counter. Don't use those stupid colored thin plastic mats.
    Use a wood or plastic cutting board. Ideally wood.
  1. 👀
    Eyes that follow you in a spooky painting
  2. 🍪
    The shading on this cookie provides realistic looking texture. Now that's art.
  3. 😘
    I'm extremely affectionate.
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I've recently encountered literature on the Internet that suggests goats are picky eaters, which is something I do not want to believe. While I have little firsthand (or secondhand) knowledge of goats, this is a list of what I like to think they eat.
  1. 1.
    Tin cans
  2. 2.
    Buttons (gnawed directly off clothing)
  3. 3.
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