1. Burning love - couples on first blind dates must work together to cook complicated meals. Who will eat and who will burn out?
  2. Walk off- toddlers who are new to the fashion world compete in runway competition. Naomi Campbell judges.
  3. Mounting Washington- 9 presidential hopefuls are forced to live together for 2 months before the primaries. Manipulation and deception are "just the tip" of the iceberg
  4. Werkin' it - Miley Cyrus's backup dancers are placed in corporate offices. Watch as they twerk their way to the top
  5. In the closet- a feisty hidden camera show where we wait to see who opens the closet first. Wait for it...
  6. Binge and purge - the new weight loss competition show where the Olsen twins mentor young hopefuls. Will they have it in them?
  7. Counter intelligence: Testing Darwin- contestants are put into challenging situations and told to react against all instincts.