What happens when you use a List prompt and combine that with a YouTube tag challenge? That's right, it's the 5 Photos on My Phone, Chosen at Random Tag. @ErinEdwards, @audra_k_ob, and @EpicureanCrusader, you're all up next. #TrendyAF
  1. Here's one!
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    This was taken at Oakland Raiders Training Camp in Napa, CA earlier this month. Assistant Defensive Backs Coach and NFL Hall of Famer Rod Woodson goes through blocking drills with the Raiders Linebackers squad.
  2. Oh look!
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    Beaten but not defeated. PREMIER Heavyweight Champion JR Kratos stands tall after a bloody win over "Double D" Dave Dutra to retain his title.
  3. Memba this?
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    This was the grand dining hall of the Residenz in Munich, Germany. Essentially the Bavarian equivalent of Hearst Castle, I'm almost positive that there were more secret passages than what we're actually revealed to us.
  4. Neato!
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    So @EpicureanCrusader has a few beehives up in the Marin headlands. We went up there to check them out after what had been a particularly wet week. Do you know what happens when a car with only front wheel drive sits in mud for a while? He, myself, and Alex Davis have to dig his car out because we're manly fucking men.
  5. Wait, when was this taken?
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    Holy shit, I think I may have made the best grilled cheese sandwich ever. Sourdough long sliced bread, provolone cheese, thick applewood smoked bacon, sautéed spinach, and slices of avocado. My mouth just got a boner.