The 1966 Batman series was both the best and worst interpretation of the Dark Knight ever. Probably the lost iconic element of that show was the sound effect word bubbles that would appear during the fight scenes. As good as many of them were, there were so many that had a one-time only use.
  1. POW!
    Nothing tells you you've be punched in the face like a good POW!
  2. BAM!
    Better drop that safe on the caped crusader, henchmen!
  3. CRACK!
    Looks like Robin's one weakness is a broom handle broken across his back.
  4. KAPOW!
    A swifter version of our number one spot that takes longer to say.
  5. CRASH!
    What's the cost of one antique stained glass window truly worth versus the safety of Gotham City.
  6. BIFF!
    A rare treat of a gut punch that'll also get its big meat hooks on you, butthead.
  7. BLAMMO!
    Look out, Batman! The Penguin has his cannon umbrella pointed right at you!
  8. ZAP!
    Punching our heroes near electrical outlets is never a good idea.
  9. ZIP!
    For the speediest of impacts?
  10. ZOP!
    What? There's no way this is a real sound.
  11. ZLONK!
    Oh come on! Now you're not even trying.
  12. OOOFF!
    Why pay an extra to say alone when it can be written on screen instead.
  13. EEE-YOW!
    The same concept as "OOOFF!" but better suited for mousetraps and pin cushions.
  14. SPLOOSH!
    For use only around pools, the ocean, and Pam Poovey.
    Sometimes even the Dynamic Duo feel Montezuma's Revenge!