1. Greek
    There's something about Greek style lamb that's so perfect. Add a little tzatziki and you see baby this is perfecto!
  2. Indian
    Really whoever first thought of an Indian buffet had the right idea. Set up a base of rice and then just go to town with delicious sauciness. And always judge an Indian restaurant by their naan and chai.
  3. Ramen
    Why do ramen and sushi get their own categories compared to the first two items? Bruh, have you ever had ramen? It makes Campbell's soup look like hot meat water.
  4. Sushi
    What's better than a fish? Many little fish parts. And this way, you're given many different fishes! And if you have a friend who's never had it before, take them to one of those places that does the buffet boats.
  5. Phó
    Bodega ramen. The best part is flavoring it to the exact way you like it. Also, ever had a cold? Phó that ish outta here. And besides, there's no limit to the number of pun restaurant titles begging to be unleashed upon the world (and in a list to come later).