I'm the owner of a professional wrestling promotion in the Bay Area and here are our matches for tomorrow's show. Find out more at www.premierwrestle.com
  1. Main Event: "The God of War" JR Kratos vs "Mr. Athletic" Jeff Cobb
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    PREMIER Heavyweight Championship Match
  2. Special Attraction: Nicole Savoy & Kahmora vs RAZE & Kikyo Nakamura
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    First ever PREMIER Tag Team Match
  3. Rematch of the Year: Timothy Thatcher vs "The Soul Fighter" Joe Graves
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  4. Battle of the Brothers: "The King of No Rules" Gabriel Gallo vs Dom "The Bomb" Vitalli
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    Long-time tag partners "The Keepers of the Faith" fight each other for the first time in five years.
  5. "El Pistolero" Julio Pedroza vs Marcus Lewis
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  6. "The Golden Boy" Dylan Drake vs Alexander Hammerstone
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  7. "The Hangman" Dalton Frost vs "The Butcher" Tyler Bateman
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  8. Nick Ruiz vs Hawaiian Lion
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