Halloween Is the Greatest Horror Movie of All Time

  1. The Villain
    There's no explanation. Michael Myers has come to Haddonfield, Illinois. He doesn't chase; he stalks. He doesn't kill; he hunts. He is the bogeyman.
  2. The Filming
    All of the first-person scenes were filmed using Steadicam, a new method of shooting at the time that allows for a camera to move freely without tracks or tripod. This added an extra sense of suspense as we watch first hand as Michael murders his sister.
  3. The Music
    Composed by the film's director and screenwriter, horror icon John Carpenter, Halloween's theme and score is written in an irregular tempo, an added method of driving suspense.
  4. The Star Power
    Jamie Lee Curtis may be a household name now, especially with her roles on Scream Queens and the Activia commercials but she was an unknown actress when she was first cast. However, she was born for the horror genre as the daughter of Tony Curtis and Psycho starlet Janet Leigh. But JLC isn't the only star in the film. Halloween's Hero is portrayed by Donald Pleasance, the film's biggest name and classic Bond villain Ernst Blofeld.
  5. The Mask
    The most iconic part of the Halloween franchise, Michael Myers' mask was just a William Shatner Star Trek mask painted white.
  6. The Scare
    Despite the murders, the most terrifying moment of the movie involves Michael in the shadows. Just a simple lighting effect to reveal the film's killer is enough to have audiences (and my mother) jumping out of their seats.
  7. The Inspiration
    Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and the list goes on. Each of these films can thank Halloween for kicking off a genre of horror that still brings teens the the theaters in droves.
  8. The Tease
    The late night monster movie that the kids are watching is the original Thing from Outer Space. Carpenter would later remake the movie into the classic 80's sci-fi thriller The Thing.