1. He took his ball and went home.
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  2. He started his own league with blackjack and hookers!
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  3. He once threatened to ship Sebastian Janikowski back to Poland if he didn't sober up.
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  4. He originally named the team the Oakland Señors.
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  5. He coached military football team at Fort Belvoir and The Citadel.
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  6. His battle against the original NFL was voted the greatest feud in football by NFL Films.
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  7. He has enshrined more players to the Football Hall of Fame than any other man.
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  8. He refused to let his team play in any city that practiced segregation.
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  9. He was the first NFL owner to hire an African-American head coach, a female chief executive, and the league's second Latino head coach.
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  10. His ghost was the "11th" man when the Raiders defeated the Houston Texans the week after his death.
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    The Raiders' defense played with only ten players only final, game-winning play of the game, a man shy of the maximum allowed.
  11. He was recognized with a league-wide moment of silence after his passing. A fitting tribute for the only coach-general manager-commissioner-owner in the NFL.
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  12. He was the living embodiment of the Crypt Keeper.
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  13. Three words: Just Win, Baby!
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