Reasons AL Davis Is the Greatest Man of the Nfl

  1. He took his ball and went home.
  2. He started his own league with blackjack and hookers!
  3. He once threatened to ship Sebastian Janikowski back to Poland if he didn't sober up.
  4. He originally named the team the Oakland Señors.
  5. He coached military football team at Fort Belvoir and The Citadel.
  6. His battle against the original NFL was voted the greatest feud in football by NFL Films.
  7. He has enshrined more players to the Football Hall of Fame than any other man.
  8. He refused to let his team play in any city that practiced segregation.
  9. He was the first NFL owner to hire an African-American head coach, a female chief executive, and the league's second Latino head coach.
  10. His ghost was the "11th" man when the Raiders defeated the Houston Texans the week after his death.
    The Raiders' defense played with only ten players only final, game-winning play of the game, a man shy of the maximum allowed.
  11. He was recognized with a league-wide moment of silence after his passing. A fitting tribute for the only coach-general manager-commissioner-owner in the NFL.
  12. He was the living embodiment of the Crypt Keeper.
  13. Three words: Just Win, Baby!