Just as I'm about to hop in the shower this morning, my girlfriend is flipping channels and came across Mimic on IFC. I was so damn excited that I spent a good ten minutes talking about how I'll not move at all if I start watching this. Here are some more of the scariest movies that I'll divert around two hours of my time to go watch.
  1. Night of the Living Dead
    I could make a whole separate list on this movie alone. Possibly one of the greatest pieces of American cinema, Night of the Living Dead manages to be terrifying from start to finish on what was a shoestring budget even by 1960's standards.
  2. Halloween
    Another independent American classic that could have its own list, John Carpenter's iconic series created the blueprint for slasher films over nearly the past three decades.
  3. Alien
    Aliens is an action movie, but Alien managed to rethink the haunted house genre by answering the obvious question of "Why don't they just leave the house?" Paired with a classic tag line - In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream- Alien also smartly does its best to show as little of the Xenomorph as possible similar to many of the best ghost movies.
  4. Evil Dead
    Even I'm starting to notice a trend of independent films. Sometimes when a director is able to have fun and make the movie they want with the people they love, you get an over-the-top horror masterpiece like Evil Dead. Starring the chin of Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead has spawned two sequels, a remake, several comics and video games, and most recently its own Starz original series. All this from a cabin-in-the-woods film loaded with gross out scares and eruptive audio cues.
  5. Saw
    While the Saw franchise has grown more and more ridiculous in order to top each previous film's brutality, the original Saw as a mystery is a great example of simple storytelling. The final payoff where Cary Elwes' character saws off his own foot in order to survive the makeshift prison could be omitted altogether simply because off how well this movie builds suspense.
  6. The Re-Animator
    Another gory-for-sake-of-gory camp classic, H.P. Lovecraft's tale of Dr. Herbert West and his vision of bringing the dead back to life is pushed to the extreme in a film where my gut is busting from laughter just as frequently as the undead are bursting at the seams.
  7. Thir13en Ghosts
    This movie is the odd one out. Not only is Thir13en Ghosts not an independent movie, it's not an original story either. Much like The Haunting and The House on Haunted Hill, it's a remake of a ghost house movie from the '60s. But I love how early 2000's it is. It's so new millennium that Shannon Elizabeth was the leading lady. Plus it used plenty of practical effects for the ghosts. Another plus in my book.
  8. John Carpenter's The Thing
    Full honesty, I've never seen this movie. But I have such a desire to see it that I'll drip everything for a chance to watch it.