These are some iconic things for me that I wish I could rewatch. Feel free to share yours!
  1. Return of the Jedi
    Oddly enough, this was the first Star Wars movie I ever saw.
  2. The opening sequence to "The Last of Us"
    The creators at Naughty Dog made quite possibly the best opening cinematic of all time. It starts as a cutscene, then smoothly transitions to a walk through to the end of civilization on par with the remake of "Dawn of the Dead."
  3. Mick Foley falling through Hell in a Cell
    In wrestling, the true fall is Mick Foley thrown off the roof of Hell in a Cell by The Undertaker. For me, I never saw that live because my mom never let me watch wrestling. My dad however had no problem with it. In February 2000, Cactus Jack (Foley) faced Triple H at No Way Out for the WWF Championship. When the match made its way to the top of the cell, Triple H flipped Cactus Jack onto the cell, breaking the chain link and sending him plummeting 17 feet and into the ring. Holy shit!
  4. The Raiders winning the 2002 AFC Championship
    The Raiders were on a hot streak that hasn't been seen since and were facing the Tennessee Titans for a Super Bowl bid. The crowd was electric as Oakland dominated their opponents, including a 14-point shutout in the fourth quarter. The best part about it though was being there live with my dad.