When this list hits 88, you're gonna see some serious shit.
  1. The TARDIS
    It's bigger on the inside!
  2. The Phone Booth
    69, dude!
  3. GMC DeLorean
    If you're gonna build a time machine, why not do it with a little style!
  4. Time Bandits' Map
    It's your chance to be adopted by Sean Connery.
  5. H. G. Wells' Time Machine
    For the steampunk lover in your life.
  6. Homer's Toaster
    Just know that no matter what you do, it's the wrong thing to do.
  7. Hot Tub Time Machine
    Great white buffalo...
  8. Time Turner
    Keep out of reach of Hufflepuffs.
  9. Cyberdyne Portal
    Only downside is you'll be naked upon arrival. But on the upside, you'll be naked upon arrival.
  10. The Slingshot Effect
    If flying around a sun is all it takes, then we're all time travelers on Spaceship Earth.
  11. Reversing the Rotation of the Earth
    I don't think Superman would go back in time so much as he would just kill everyone on the planet.
  12. Master Sword
    Yeah, it's great until you can use your equipment because you're either too small or too big.
  13. The Time Warp
    It's just a jump to the left and not an actual mode of time travel.