1. It started with big crispy yet fluffy made-from-scratch waffles.
    Because happy birthday to Jody!
  2. Killed my chest and arms at the gym.
  3. Donning my Munich-bought lederhosen for the first time ever.
    And subsequently creating my Raider Nation Freak persona, Baron Von Raider!
  4. Going to SF Brewfest
    So much drank. So much good times!
  5. Dancing into the evening with Tom
    Because we know how to party before we start drinking.
  6. Drinking into the evening
    Because they're free samples and they go down fast and smooth.
  7. Meeting hella Raiders fans.
    Because you hate to love us and you love to hate us. Either way, you love us. RAAAAIIIIDERRRRRRRS!
  8. Giant fucking pizza
    Because after all of that, your body needs that refuel.
  9. Realizing that it's way earlier than you think it is.
    How the hell is it only 9 o' clock?
  10. Sobering up at your best friend's house.
    @EpicureanCrusader made me coffee and Jody, @ErinEdwards, and I watched "Documentary Now!" on IFC. "The raccoon is back." "That's because you keep on feeding it!"
  11. Driving home on 101
    Because we thought it might still be shut down. Taking 280 would have suuuuuuuucked. #LocalProblems
  12. Passing the eff out once you get through the door.
    But sleeping well because you know tomorrow is gonna kick just as much ass!