But Could Have, or I Seriously Considered
  1. Waitress Trapped in Rt 66 Pie Diner who Has Never Seen a City
    "I know everybody in town. It's—- it's fine."
  2. Mustache Barista, Portland OR
    "You're my last biscuit today. Here, try the green chile sauce. We house-make it."
  3. Expensive Woman with Puppy that Looks like a Teddy Bear, Oklahoma City
    "This is Dudley."
  4. Chris Pine, Los Angeles
    "Hello, I'm Chris Pine."
  5. Air Bnb Host, Flagstaff
    "Are you guys playing Pokemon Go? Nice."
  6. Ray-Bans Model Douchebag, Elephant Seal Scenic Vista, Rt 1
    "How are you getting these squirrels to follow you around?"
  7. Beautiful Hiking Nurse who Didn't Take Up Our Offer of S'mores, Amarillo
    "I travel alone a lot, I know how to take a good selfie."
  8. Disaffected Parking Attendant in Coheed & Cambria shirt, Santa Fe
    "Yeah. Park anywhere, I guess."
  9. Stanley Tucci, Muir Woods
    "Lots of tourists today... Follow me, I know a majestic clearing."