1. Did they give child actors grades at this studio school or just drugs
  2. How many ghosts are here
  3. How many ghosts are PAs for other ghosts
  4. If The Goldbergs films on every soundstage in the forest but no one watches the broadcast, does it make a profit
  5. Have you pet Adam Sandler's dogs
  6. Were they great dogs
  7. How many famous dogs have you pet
  8. Do you think they know
  9. Like do celebrity dogs just know or do they just love do you feel me
  10. If you had to guess where Will Smith was right now would your guess be better than mine
  11. Where is Will Smith
  12. Is this a pokestop
  13. Hypothetically if there were a cryo basement
  14. No but if there *were*
  15. Can I touch this
    Just kidding too late
  16. When you say you don't know do you mean you don't know or do you mean you can't tell me
  17. Blink twice for yes cryo