Proposed requirements:
  1. A series of winks and knocks
  2. Semafore
  3. Perform any non-melody line to Billy Joel's "The Longest Time"
  4. Code word: Rochambeau
  5. Defeat the Water Temple without restarting
  6. Be so so nice! :)
  7. Say "animal style" like a tired B-pornstar
  8. Ask what time it is and then leave
  9. Present the phoenix ash, toady bark, and silver hair of a virgin middle child in that order
  10. Bring Allison Janney with you
  11. Be Allison Janney
  12. Invoke the name of Allison Janney and hope the cashier is feeling generous
  13. The Neapolitan Dance
  14. Presidential or papal pardon
  15. "Lend me some sugar; I am your neighbor."
    You know what to doooo
  16. Summarize any episode of Lost featuring Desmond
  17. A reasonable bribe
  18. "Oh wow look at all these options, hoo boy!"
  19. Flash the double-double sigil tattoo that came with your California driver's license and pop a tums