Like, how are these conversation pieces so constant?
  1. "Disneyland is magical"
    More adults than children bring this to my ears.
  2. "Wow you are so frickin tall"
    6'3" may be tall for you, but 5'1" is short to me.
  3. "US Soccer sucks"
    Ok, I am a fan of all things America and the soccer program here is still in beta. But those are my boys out there! Sure Messi is the best but show some pride in your country, you commies.
  4. "I didn't expect YOU to make a dirty joke"
    Lol I get this one all the time. On the outside I may appear to be a fatter, brown eyed Steve Rogers, but inside I'm definitely more of a fat Wade Wilson. With more sex appeal.
  5. "Dude why are you always tapping on stuff?"
    By definition, a drummer is a person who drums on things. They're not always drums and I'm not always aware that I'm doing it.
  6. "You know that one episode from Community where.."
    Yes. I do. I LOVE Community. So much.
  7. The list ends here, but this is my 1st post, so I'm not sure how to end it. Do I leave a Potato?
    That's a 9gag thing..