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You know when you've just had a "day"? These are the 90-120 minutes that get me through those days.
  1. My Cousin Vinny
  2. A Knight's Tale
  3. Stardust
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I like to travel, but there are some places which just feel like a "one and done" situation - for me, these are some of those places.
  1. Rotterdam
    Beautiful city, lots of cool architecture, but how many new, fancy buildings do you need to see?
  2. Geneva
    Yup, the UN is there, and there's some nice literary history, but a Big Mac also costs €12 so I'll pass on a return visit.
  3. Barcelona
    The old town is awesome, but the rest just reminds me of LA (too big and crowded)
  1. Laika in a tie
  2. Natural history
  3. Guide Monika
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