1. It's like Dungeons and Dragons
    Not at all. It's a card game with no improvisation whatsoever. Sure, the world is fantastical (dragons, wizards, creatures, etc), but the role of the player in each game is totally different.
  2. There's a lot of rules
    Not really. You can learn M:TG in a few hours. And most of the specific instructions are written on the cards.
  3. It's takes a long time to play
    ...if both players suck? A typical game lasts about 30mins to an hour.
  4. You have to play a long time to get good
    Nope. It's all in the cards and the strategy you implement with them. There's also a small degree of luck (which of your cards you draw), but a good deck is a good deck is a good deck.
  5. It's for nerds
    A complaint for somebody who's just never played. Is chess for nerds? Board games?
  6. It's not fun to watch.
    Nope. It's TONS of fun. The cards are beautiful, the strategy can be visceral, and Magic tournaments are frequently streamed live on the internet now. Check it out on Twitch!