1. Talk to strangers.
    They'll talk to you, and you'll be amazed the shit you get into.
  2. Get to Frenchman street.
    The music is phenomenal and free. Wonderful at atmosphere. No pretension. Just solid musicians.
  3. Drink outside.
    Use the plastic cups at the exits of bars to take your drink to-go. You'll see more of the city, and meet more people
  4. Don't pay for drinks on Bourbon street.
    Sure, it's crazy and magical in its own way, but that $13 hurricane is $3.75 four blocks away. Bring booze to Bourbon street yourself. Dance away. But save your $$$.
  5. Make no plans.
    Seriously, just let New Orleans happen to you.
  6. Eat eat eat.
    Personal favorite spot is Verti Mart.
  7. Get Lost.
    Seriously. No map, no destination, just wander. The French Quarter is beautiful and perfect for walking.