A breakdown of the most dangerous letters in the game
  1. A
    Classic. Top of the List. Número Uno. #1. Don't fuck with him. He's even got a steak sauce.
  2. E
    Long reigning Vowel Vice-President. Also: Drug. Not to be trusted.
  3. I
    How we start 60% of our sentences and highways. Also an imaginary number, so clearly don't trust him either.
  4. O
    Short for orgasm. Also the preferred way to begin a direct address to God, the Muse or Heaven. Show some respect though, and he'll show it right back.
  5. U
    Lazy, slang for "you". Unappreciated. Unsafe. Unstoppable. Do not trust him.
  6. Y (Sometimes)
    So here's the thing about Y. Nobody knows where she came from, or how she creeped her way into the exclusive V-List, but everybody knows Y can FUCK YOU UP. A chromosome, a question, a shape. Let this letter define herself however she pleases. She's got power we don't even fully understand yet. The motherfucking Tesseract of the Alphabet.