1. "Heyyyyy so nice to see you!"
  2. "Look at you!"
  3. Anything using the word "you".
  4. Introduce them to someone else. They'll say their name FOR SURE.
  5. Ask how they spell their last name. Then look em up on FB, Twitter, etc.
    Careful here friends. They say "Smith. S M I T H." and you're fucked. Cover blown.
  6. Ask them for their Twitter handle.
  7. "I was just thinking about you."
    This could have been lumped in with the "you" section.
  8. "Are we friends on Facebook?"
  9. Dive right into a conversation with enough urgency to draw them in.
    This will result in failure for novices or those that appear insincere.
  10. Just apologize and ask their name graciously.
    Depending on how charming you are, you only get a few of these. Spend them well.